Atlanta, Georgia

“Young Portuguese pianist Alexandra Mascolo-David’s debut disc is a treasure: a set of little-known waltzes by Brazilian-born, Italian-trained composer Francisco Mignone (1897-1986). This is Volume 1 of a projected complete set of this prolific composer’s waltzes and includes just the first dozen, all in minor keys. They’re loaded with imagination and emotion, an attractive blend of smooth Italian lyricism and pulsating, if subtle, Latin rhythms. Mascolo-David plays them with a poetic, almost improvisatory spirit, in full command of the composer’s urbane voice — a worldly artist in thrall to street musicians and folk singers, but always restrained. Mignone’s emotions lend a bittersweet tone to several of these waltzes, as a lonely outsider peering into a world he can’t enter, or as an old man realizing the promise of youth slipped away, unfulfilled. Although this notable disc is released on the pianist’s private label, it’s available from and her web site,”