Lisbon, Portugal

“The Janacek Sonata, composed of two movements, “Presentiment” and “Death,” was executed in a manner that emphasized the psychological density and seriousness of the feelings that inspired her [Mascolo-David], obtaining, particularly in the second, a correspondence at the level of the atmosphere created that impressed by her total refusal to give in into anything that was not “morbid.” Complete contrast with the pieces by Mignone, waltzes very stylized that combine traditional waltz-like elements with musical features of Brazilian folklore and of Latin American music in general (echoes of Piazzolla, here and there), in addition to virtuosic passages of difficult execution . . . . I greatly enjoyed the performance of waltzes No. 4 (in g minor), 14 (in c-sharp minor), 20 (in g minor), and 22 (in a minor) by the balance achieved between spirit and technique.”